Why Mexico?

One of the great advantages of shooting in Mexico is the weather, it offers a consistent warm climate all around, where neither snow nor freezing temperatures are an issue. While most places in northern latitudes have to deal with cold months during the winter, our days are sunnier and warmer, thus allowing us to portray summer days while shooting during winter.

Shooting in Mexico allows us to have a wide range of locations to offer. From rainforests to deserts, cosmopolitan cities to colonial architecture, mountains, lakes, waterfronts and more. Mexico is the perfect location for any kind of production.

On the Yucatan Peninsula , we have the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum, Holbox, Majahual and Playa del Carmen as well as colonial cities, gorgeous haciendas, incredible archeological sites and ancient sink holes that we call cenotes. The Yucatan peninsula is the proud location of the famous pyramid of Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

On the Pacific coast , we have stunning sunsets by the sea, great surfing towns and wilder beaches like Zicatela, Sayulita, Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido. In the North, our border cities, Baja and its great landscapes, are great locations to shoot road trips and running shots. The Baja Studios are located here. Their water tanks and docks have served as sets to productions of feature films like Titanic, Tomorrow Never Dies, Deep Blue Sea, Pearl Harbour, Master & Commander and All Is Lost, only to name a few.

Central Mexico offers a wide variety of landscapes including valleys, busy neighborhoods, slums, colonial architecture, lakes, dusty towns, archeological sites, crops fields, and many more. We have it all.

Neighboring with the US, facilities and equipment rental houses at hand here are the most-up-to-date in Latin America which are ready at a moment’s notice to meet the highest standards, shoot at competitive rates, and fulfil the needs of any brief.


We are a boutique creative production company based in Mexico City. We surround ourselves with the savviest, most professional, most experienced, fully bilingual, proactive, and creative people that give us an extra edge thanks to the role they play. Our bilingual crews work constantly with foreign productions; this allows us to provide you with exceptional service.

Even though you might be shooting abroad, we will make sure you feel right at home. We will take care of your client and agency and make sure to open the doors to the best restaurants, bars, museums, shows and all things they might be interested in experiencing in our great city.

We like to see your money spent on the things that matter the most. By the time you fly back home, we assure you will have the most incredible material prepared on your hard drives. And once you finalize the edit, you will have a unique film with the highest production value possible. We want you to leave thinking you left new friends behind, who also happen to be your best choice to shoot within Mexico.


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